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History Unfolded Newspaper Sprint 2021: Overview of Project

Explains how to participate in the History Unfolded Newspaper Sprint at Snow College.


History Unfolded Newspaper Sprint 2021-2023

Welcome to the Snow College Huntsman Library History Unfolded Newspaper Sprint. 

The purpose of this sprint is to gather Snow College students, faculty and staff, local six-county 8-12 graders and teachers and community members to help in discovering what information Utah newspapers were reporting about the Nazi persecution during the 1930s and 1940s. 
For a robust overview of the History Unfolded national project, visit History Unfolded "About this Project"
When you are ready to start your citizen historian journey, visit the "how to participate" guide to begin.

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Coming in 2023 to the Snow College Huntsman Library

"Americans and the Holocaust: A Traveling Exhibition for Libraries is made possible by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the American Library Association."