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History Unfolded Newspaper Sprint 2021: Locating Utah Newspapers

Explains how to participate in the History Unfolded Newspaper Sprint at Snow College.

Digital Newspaper Databases

How to Locate Utah Newspapers Online for the HistoryUnfolded Project

Get ready: Be sure you have already followed the steps on the How to Participate page in this guide before following these steps.

Begin your research:

Step 1  Select a newspaper database from the list below.  

Step 2  Begin your search by entering the suggested keywords for the topic you chose

  • Note: Event keywords are located under the "Frame your Search" heading on the HistoryUnfolded Events website.  After you select the picture of the topic you are researching, you will see the "Frame your Search" heading at the top of the page.

Step 3  In your results list, look for ways to limit your search to the dates suggested for the topic you are currently researching. These limiters are usually located on the left-side of your screen.

Step 4  When you have narrowed your results to suggested dates, begin reading the results to see if they fit into the research topic. 

Step 5  When you find a result that fits into your topic and you are ready to submit the article, first check the HistoryUnfolded database to see if your article has already been submitted. On each event main page is a "view all research on this event".  Use that link to discover if your article has already been submitted.  

  • If your article has not yet been submitted, follow the directions below on how to submit an article
  • If your article has already been submitted, keep looking for one that has not yet been submitted.  
  • If you aren't sure if the article fits into your selected topic, go ahead and submit it.  A reviewer will read the article and determine if it fits the topic.

Step 6  When you are ready to upload your article, follow the steps in the Uploading Articles page in this guide.

Newspaper Databases



Newspaper Databases