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History Unfolded Newspaper Sprint 2021: Uploading Articles

Explains how to participate in the History Unfolded Newspaper Sprint at Snow College.

How to Participate

How to upload an article for the History Unfolded Project at Snow College

5 Easy Steps


Step 1: Find your article

  • Using the directions from the Locating Utah Newspapers page in this guide, locate a newspaper article that fits into your chosen event.

Step 2: Sign into your History Unfolded account

  • When you are in your History Unfolded account, navigate to your profile page, then select the Submit Research link.Image of submit research button in history unfolded profile

Step 3: Continue to follow the steps in your History Unfolded account

Step 4: If you have questions, contact

Step 5: Repeat the process for every article you find

Happy Researching!