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Scientific Literature Research Guide: Where to find scientific literature

This guide aims to help students understand how the library research process works, where to find scientific literature, how to organize their library research and how to dissect scientific articles..

How to find scientific literature at Snow College

Locating Scientific Literature using the Snow College Library Website

Our library databases have a variety of different types of scientific literature, from scholarly, peer-reviewed publications to trade publications and newspapers and videos. 

Where to Begin

The best place to begin your scientific literature research journey is to determine what type of publication you need. Do you need to find basic exploratory information on a scientific subject or are you looking for more in-depth research articles? Does your assignment require you to locate a peer-reviewed article, a book or a newspaper article?  After you have determined the type of information you need, you can then decide which search strategy to use.  Whether you need a book, an academic article or a newspaper article, the orange search box above is a good place to begin your searching journey. This search box synchronously explores approximately fifty percent of the Snow College library databases. For a tutorial on how to effectively create a search statement in the orange search box, visit this tutorial

Narrowing Results

When you have your result list, be sure to examine and use the "Refine Results" options on the left-side of  your display screen on your device. Using theses limiters will concentrate your results to only what you need.  For example, if you only need to view academic, scholarly journals, then select the scholarly (peer reviewed) journals box and/or the academic journals box.  Or, if you need to find information published in the last ten years, you can use the publication date slider bar to narrow your results to certain dates.

Locating Scientific Journals by Title

If you are looking for a specific journal or a list of journals in a specific discipline, you can use the "online journals" search box. This box will locate a specific journal title, like the Journal of Chemistry or Ancient Agriculture. Or, you can choose to browse all the journal titles by selecting a discipline, like Chemistry or Botany or Earth & Atmospheric Sciences. (Note: the number next to the discipline is the total number of titles available in that discipline in about fifty percent of our databases.  To search other titles not available in this list, visit the individual database list.

Searching individual databases

Another good place to find scientific literature is by using the individual database list to select individual databases.


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