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Scientific Literature Research Guide: Organizing your research

This guide aims to help students understand how the library research process works, where to find scientific literature, how to organize their library research and how to dissect scientific articles..

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Research Organizer Template

Using a Library Research Organizer

 A research organizer will . . .

  • help you evaluate what you already know and what you need to know 
  • organize your keyword searching  so you can begin to see which keywords help you find relevant information for your topic.
  • help you choose and synthesize the information you need for your research assignment.
  • help you in any research assignment.

You can use a library research organizer . . .

  • at the very beginning of your research as you gather background information.
  • in the middle of your research to help you gather relevant information for your topic.
  • for any research assignment during your college experience
  • for personal life research, too. 

Download the research organizer file below.  You can print it and or use it electronically.