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Pro/Con Resources

A guide to pro/con resources for academic research

After you have explored your pro/con topic and narrowed your focus, your professor may require you to locate and use scholarly, peer-reviewed evidence to support your argument.

Enter your keywords in the search box below to look for scholarly articles available through the Snow College databases (example: legalizing drugs).

When the result list appears use the limit results options on the left side of the screen to limit your results to scholarly articles.

Research Databases

Using Google to Find Scholarly Articles

You can also use Google to find academic articles on the open web through open-access journals.

The Snow College library databases also finds open-access journal articles for you, but, if you don't find what you need in the library databases, you can choose to use Google to find academic articles. 

Remember, the internet doesn't always filter results like databases, so, you will have to determine on your own if the article is academic and meets the requirements for your assignment.  If you aren't sure, be sure to ask your professor or a librarian if your article is academic, scholarly and peer-reviewed.

To find scholarly articles using Google, enter your keywords in the google search box above and add - academic, scholarly articles - to the end of your keyword search statement to see what scholarly articles are available on your topic. (example: driving high and legalizing drugs scholarly articles)  

Also note that if the website you find requires you to pay to access an academic article - STOP - don't pay - instead request the article using the Snow College Library Interlibrary Loan service.  It is FREE!

Google Web Search