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Virtual Library Research Guide: Finding Articles

This guide provides help on accessing Snow College library resources

Finding Articles

 How Do I Find Articles on the Library Website?


Step 1: Know the Information You Need.


Before you search for articles in the library, review your assignment to see what kind of information you need. Does your assignment require you to use peer-reviewed articles? Can you use information from magazine or newspaper articles?

Our databases have many different types of articles from different sources, so knowing what information sources are acceptable for your research paper or project will save you time.

In our databases you will find the following types of articles: Chose the links below to learn more about the characteristics of these types of articles.

Need a book? Visit the Finding Books guide (the library has thousands of print and electronic books (you can view them right from your computer or mobile device).

After you have identified the type of information sources you need, you are ready for Step 2: Choosing the Right Database.


Step 2: Choose the Right Database


Once you know what types of articles you need, you can decide which database is best for the information you need.  The library subscribes to over 100 databases, so choosing the right one can save you time.

  • Use Our SingleSearch Database
    ​​​​If there are no requirements to use a specific database, then, it is best to use our SingleSearch database (the orange search box). The SingleSearch database will find articles, electronic and print books, and even streaming video all in one search. (how to Use SingleSearch video tutorial)
  • Choose Databases for Your Topic
    If you need peer-reviewed, academic articles for your assignment and your topic is a health related topic, you won't want to spend your time searching in an engineering database.  Instead, you would want to use a database that has a lot of peer-reviewed articles related to health.
  • Use Our A-Z List of Databases 
    The A-Z list of Databases has information about all the databases the library subscribes to. You will find descriptions of what is in each database, as well as links to each database. If you already know that your teacher wants you to use a certain database, like Academic Search Ultimate, you will find the link to that database on our A-Z list.
  • Use the Subject Guides
    We have created subject guides that suggest which databases are best for different subjects. You can find the links to these subject library guides on this page.


Step 3: Create A Search Strategy


For this step to be successful, you need to know your information needs (Step 1) and you need to select a database to use (Step 2), then, you need to have a general idea of your topic so you can create a search strategy. This step takes some time and is cyclical, which means you may repeat this step several times during your research process. As you discover new information, your search strategy is likely to change, which is okay. It is part of the research process.

Need additional guidance? You can Ask-A-Librarian using text or email.

Find an article or book you want, but, it's not available at the library or in full-text? 

You can request articles and books for free using our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service.

Videos in this guide are licensed under a Creative Commons 4.0 License and were created by the University of Arizona Libraries.