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Find History Books

209   History & geography of Christianity

270   Christian church history
271   Religious orders in church history
272   Persecutions in church history
273   Heresies in church history

900   Geography & history

911   Historical geography
920   Biography, genealogy, insignia

930   History of ancient world
931   History of ancient world China
932   History of ancient world Egypt
933   History of ancient world Palestine
934   History of ancient world India
935   History of ancient world Mesopotamia & Iranian Plateau
936   History of ancient world Europe north & west of Italy
937   History of ancient world Italy & adjacent territories
938   History of ancient world Greece
939   History of ancient world Other parts of ancient world
940   General history of Europe
941   General history of Europe British Isles
942   General history of Europe England & Wales
943   General history of Europe Central Europe Germany
944   General history of Europe France & Monaco
945   General history of Europe Italian Peninsula & adjacent islands
946   General history of Europe Iberian Peninsula & adjacent islands
947   General history of Europe Eastern Europe Soviet Union
948   General history of Europe Northern Europe Scandinavia
949   General history of Europe Other parts of Europe
950   General history of Asia Far East
951   General history of Asia China & adjacent areas
952   General history of Asia Japan
953   General history of Asia Arabian Peninsula & adjacent areas
954   General history of Asia South Asia India
955   General history of Asia Iran
956   General history of Asia Middle East (Near East)
957   General history of Asia Siberia (Asiatic Russia)
958   General history of Asia Central Asia
959   General history of Asia Southeast Asia
960   General history of Africa
961   General history of Africa Tunisia & Libya
962   General history of Africa Egypt & Sudan
963   General history of Africa Ethiopia
964   General history of Africa Morocco & Canary Islands
965   General history of Africa Algeria
966   General history of Africa West Africa & offshore islands
967   General history of Africa Central Africa & offshore islands
968   General history of Africa Southern Africa
969   General history of Africa South Indian Ocean islands
970   General history of North America
971   General history of North America Canada
972   General history of North America Middle America Mexico
973   General history of North America United States
974   General history of North America Northeastern United States
975   General history of North America Southeastern United States
976   General history of North America South central United States
977   General history of North America North central United States
978   General history of North America Western United States   
979   General history of North America Great Basin & Pacific Slope
980   General history of South America
981   General history of South America Brazil
982   General history of South America Argentina
983   General history of South America Chile
984   General history of South America Bolivia
985   General history of South America Peru
986   General history of South America Colombia & Ecuador
987   General history of South America Venezuela
988   General history of South America Guiana
989   General history of South America Paraguay & Uruguay
990   General history of other areas

General history of other areas New Zealand
994   General history of other areas Australia
995   General history of other areas Melanesia New Guinea
996   General history of other areas Other parts of Pacific Polynesia
997   General history of other areas Atlantic Ocean islands
998   General history of other areas Arctic islands & Antarctica
999   Extraterrestrial worlds


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