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Music: Books

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Finding Materials Help

Having trouble finding a book or other items? 

The Library can help you track it down.

  • Visit the front desk
  • Call us at 435-283-7363
  • Text us at (844) 669-7740
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Find Music Books

Below are a few call number ranges you can use to find materials in the library relating to music and performance.

780 Music
781 General principles & musical forms
782 Vocal music
783 Music for single voices The voice
784 Instruments & Instrumental ensembles
785 Chamber music
786 Keyboard & other instruments
787 Stringed instruments (Chordophones)
788 Wind instruments (Aerophones)
790 Recreational & performing arts
791 Public performances
792 Stage presentations

More in Music

Our library also offers hundreds of recordings, from Baroque masters to the music of Zimbabwe.  Investigate our CD collection!  Want to play it?  Snow College Libraries offer sheet music and scores galore!   Ask for assistance at the front desk.

Sample Books