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The books below are only a few print, ebooks and audiobooks available for library patrons to borrow. To find more books on your subject, use the databases below. For additional assistance finding items on the library shelves, ebooks or audiobooks, use our free ask-a-librarian text messaging service.  

Sample Books

Find Mathematics Books

Below is a range of call numbers for areas related to mathematics.  Use them to find materials in the various library collections.

510 Mathematics
511 General principles
512 Algebra & number theory
513 Arithmetic
514 Topology
515 Analysis
516 Geometry

519 Probabilities & applied mathematics
520 Astronomy & allied sciences
521 Celestial mechanics
522 Techniques, equipment, materials
523 Specific celestial bodies & phenomena

525 Earth (Astronomical geography)
526 Mathematical geography
527 Celestial navigation
528 Ephemerides
529 Chronology
530 Physics
531 Classical mechanics Solid mechanics
532 Fluid mechanics Liquid mechanics
533 Gas mechanics
534 Sound & related vibrations
535 Light & paraphotic phenomena
536 Heat
537 Electricity & electronics
538 Magnetism
539 Modern physics