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Chemistry: Books

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Find Chemistry Books

Below are some call number ranges to find materials related to Chemistry in the library collection:

540 Chemistry & allied sciences
541 Physical & theoretical chemistry
542 Techniques, equipment, materials
543 Analytical chemistry
544 Qualitative analysis
545 Quantitative analysis
546 Inorganic chemistry
547 Organic chemistry
548 Crystallography
549 Mineralogy
550 Earth sciences
551 Geology, hydrology, meteorology
552 Petrology

660 Chemical engineering
661 Industrial chemicals technology
662 Explosives, fuels technology
663 Beverage technology
664 Food technology
665 Industrial oils, fats, waxes, gases
666 Ceramic & allied technologies
667 Cleaning, color, related technologies
668 Technology of other organic products
669 Metallurgy
670 Manufacturing
671 Metalworking & metal products
672 Iron, steel, other iron alloys
673 Nonferrous metals

Sample Books

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